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Westone UM3X Triple Armature Driver Review

The UM3X is Westone’s newest, most powerful in-ear headphone that is specially engineered to help musicians with stage monitoring. Unlike its predecessor (Westone 3) Westone UM3Xwhich was specifically made for playback, the new ear canal earphones was made from the ground up for the aspiring and professional musicians who demand only the best for their musical performances.

As part of the universal monitor series, the Westone UM3X is equipped with an advanced true triple armature driver with universal fit and a 3-way crossover design to deliver incredible detail and superior clarity to live sound while providing a well-balanced monitoring regardless of the instrument being played.

It also features Westone’s braided cable for flexible and tangle-free operation every time and includes a full set of essential accessories for the musician or audiophile on-the-go, which makes it easy to maintain them and keep them in top working condition.

An overview of the UM3X

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Key features of the Westone UM3X

Universal monitor series

Hand made in the US to pass the strict standards of today’s top music artists, this Universal Monitor Series in-ear headphones offer incredible definition and clarity – unexpected traits for a pair of in-ear, universal-fit monitors.

With Westone’s ingenuity in combining unmatched acoustic isolation technologies together with well-balanced micro-driver systems, the UM3X will feed your ears with details that cannot be heard with conventional wedges. Moreover, the UM3X also works to protect your hearing while performing for improved sound even if you’re off the stage.

Westone UM3X reviewTrue triple driver and 3-way crossover

With the help of its true triple driver and 3-way crossover design, the Westone UM3X delivers stunning audio detail and clarity which were formerly inaccessible for traditional headphones. Equipped with individual drivers for mid-range, bass, and high frequencies, the in-ear headphones reproduce each component of the sonic spectrum with nonpareil richness, superb definition, and incredible clarity.

Users of the UM3X will love how vibrant and open the in-ear headphones sound, complete with detailed mid-range, smooth top ends, and deep bass that won’t tire your ears out even after prolonged listening sessions.

What’s more is that by harnessing the most advanced armature system combined with the revolutionary 3-way crossover configuration, the Westone UM3X will deliver a seamless response without stressing any frequency band whatsoever.

Exclusive cable design

The people behind Westone did not only work hard to cover the sound-wise bases but also took the extra effort of giving the UM3X a smart and reliable cable design. Its cables are downright supple and braided to maximize user comfort while preventing tangles. It also has a burly bifurcation with slide adjustment for keeping the cord in place while you’re on the move.

The cables also have an over-the-ear design to keep the ears comfortable while providing fantastic isolation from mechanical cable dissonance. But that doesn’t end there because the cables are removable for easy detachment whenever you need.

True fit technology

With over 50 years of experience in the in-ear headphone industry, Westone has developed the optimum fit and ergonomics in the form of true fit technology. This advancedWestone-UM3X-3a sound port technology lets the UM3X deliver optimum comfort and in-ear coupling for transferring sound dynamically.

Additional information

The Westone UM3X Musician’s Monitors weighs less than 5 ounces and comes complete with a 1/8 to 1/4-inch adapter, replaceable foam tips, wax loop for cleaning, and soft padded pouch for travel. It is backed by the company’s 1 year limited warranty.

Final thoughts on the Westone UM3X

These triple driver monitor earbuds are really comfortable, and do a great job of isolating the sound and delivering right into your ear. They cut out any external noise and bring you only the sound that you want to hear.


They also produce excellent quality sound too, so if you are a professional musician and you need that clarity, you will get that with the UM3X. For the price also, the Westone UM3X are very good value for money, you are certainly getting a lot of quality for your investment.

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